Future of Digital On-boarding and Customer Experience Summit 2019.

(London – April 11th & 12th 2019) -
The age of the Fintech is here and the customer’s journey in this new era is changing at a rapid pace. The world is now moving towards digitalization which is now transforming the nature of businesses. The modern technologies have improved our lives and altered the way in which we function, making our lives smoother and effortless.

The Future of Digital Onboarding and Customer Experience is a 2-day networking event with Case Studies, Panel Discussions, and Keynotes from decision makers and leaders from Organizations, Startups, Governments and Universities around the globe. This unique industry forum will aim to discuss the challenges and explore best-practices to optimize the Digital Onboarding and Identity Management processes.

Our Vision

The 21st century is witnessing humanity's biggest ever technological revolution that will affect the lives of billions of people on the planet. Apart from providing a platform to business leaders, decision makers, solution providers, data scientists, startups and professionals to debate about how to guide, harness, and control the development of science and technology, our vision is to leave behind a strong legacy of impact that will drive sustainable growth as well as maintain the balance of life on this planet.

Who We Are

We are a global events company that brings together the brightest and the most innovative minds from across industries and sectors, academia, institutions, and governments to discuss, network and engage in the various problems and opportunities facing the future of businesses in the 4th global industrial revolution lead by new media and technology.

Our Mission

Initiating change around making 21st century businesses sustainable for the future of life on the planet.

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