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Virtual Summit

Future of Conversational Experiences for Businesses


Date: 24th May, 2023
Time - 1500 hrs BST /1000 hrs ET


Overview for Future of Conversational Experiences for Businesses

The communications revolution, combined with the rapid development of new technologies, has revolutionized how we connect. However, as communication methods evolve, so do customer expectations. Conversational experiences (CUXs) have been catching the attention of marketers for some time. The growing pressures of the experience economy can explain some of the tremendous interest. This has shown that for the modern consumer, experience is often more important than price. As such, online businesses need to review and rethink how customers perceive their brand from first to last contact. A conversational user experience (CUX) is an experience consisting of a voice-based human-computer conversation or interaction that mimics human conversation. At its core, the conversational experience is about giving technology a more human-like face with less polish and fewer ads; instead, it feels more personal and allows for real-time feedback. As mentioned, exchanges can be voice-based (Alexa, Siri, OK Google) or text-based (any chatbot assistant). Understanding and guiding customer intent in conversational UX can be enabled by artificial intelligence (e.g., natural language processing chatbots) or optional conversational user interfaces.

Today's consumers are more tech-savvy than ever and expect intuitive, automated features from brands that help them stay engaged while getting the information they need. Group Futurista presents "Future of Conversational Experiences for Businesses" to educate and unify the best e-commerce and social channels for customers.

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What to Expect?


Connect, listen and learn with our live digital sessions.

Panel Discussions

Conversations and deliberations that are contagious


Network Digitally with industry leaders across the globe

Virtual one to one

Effective one-on-one meetings are a powerful tool to connect and close the deals with your leads.

Summit Highlights

07+ Knowledge Sessions

The summit will consist of interesting web panel discussions, exclusive live fireside chats and engaging digital industry presentations. 

10+ Industry

Industry's thought leaders, decision-makers, and solution providers will gather virtually to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and technologies in the Artificial Intelligence Industry.


Congregation of industry's top-level executives and senior officials for knowledge sharing.

Discussion Points

Building Customer Engagement by Elevating their Digital Experience.

Redefine Commercial Strategies With Orchestrated Customer Engagement.

How Data-Driven Customer Engagement Delivers Value To Each Customer.

Scaling your Customer Analytics practice with Augmented Analytics for better Customer Engagement.

Who should attend?

Topic We Cover

Interactive Personalized Video Solution


Digital Self-Service Solutions

Print-to-digital Solutions

Digital Archiving Solutions

Real-time Insights

Customer Behavioral Data

Customer Experience

Customer Management



Financial Services



Healthcare and Life Sciences

Public Sector








Job Titles

CIOs, CTOs, CXOs, VPs, Directors, and Heads of -

  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Analytics
  • Customer Analytics & Strategy
  • Customer Insight and Analytics
  • Customer Strategy
  • Workforce Planning & Analytics
  • Success Analytics
  • People Analytics and System
  • People Analytics Reporting & BI
  • Culture
  • Strategy
  • Analytics and Operations
  • People Engagement
  • People Operations
  • Talent & Organizational Development
  • People Development & Learning
  • Simplicity & Analytics



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