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Future of Cyber Resilience for Businesses Virtual Summit


Date: 9th March, 2023
Time: 1000 HRS ET/1500 HRS GMT


Future of Cyber Resilience for Businesses Virtual Summit

Although the primary goal of cybersecurity is to prevent all attacks, 100% prevention is not possible. The reality is that an attacker only needs to find one weakness or vulnerability. The attack surface organization is becoming increasingly complex, and the threat landscape continues to expand rapidly, making 100% protection against attacks nearly impossible. Detecting and blocking threats is important, but the real goal of cybersecurity is cyber resilience—ensuring that cyberattacks do not disrupt operations and productivity. A strong cyber resiliency strategy that provides an integrated approach that combines cybersecurity with data protection and disaster recovery practices can help businesses protect and recover from devastating cyber incidents.

In a recent survey, 73% of respondents said they had experienced a major security breach in their IaaS environment in the past two years that required significant additional resources to address. The average number of leaks during this period was 2.0. As attacks become more malicious and technology more sophisticated, strategies and plans to mitigate the impact of these attacks must also change. Businesses need new skills and methods to survive in cyberspace and adapt to today's disruptive scenarios.

To continue discussing new trends and strategies to help prevent cyberattacks, join Group Futurista in presenting ‘The Future of Cyber Resilience for Business’ with participating industry experts as attendees.

What to Expect?


Connect, listen and learn with our live digital sessions.

Panel Discussions

Conversations and deliberations that are contagious


Network Digitally with industry leaders across the globe

Virtual one to one

Effective one-on-one meetings are a powerful tool to connect and close the deals with your leads.

Summit Highlights

07+ Knowledge Sessions

The summit will consist of interesting web panel discussions, exclusive live fireside chats and engaging digital industry presentations. 

10+ Industry

Industry's thought leaders, decision-makers, and solution providers will gather virtually to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and technologies in the Finance and Insurance Industry.


Congregation of industry's top-level executives and senior officials for knowledge sharing.

04+ Hours of Networking

Networking opportunity for solution and service providers with industry's top decision makers via digital exhibition, public live chats and private one-on-one video chats.

Discussion Points

Cyber Resilience: Going Beyond Cyber Security.

How To Create A Business-Aligned Cyber Resilience Strategy.

To What Extent Does Current Cyber Policy Reflect A Changing Cyber Risk Landscape?

Cyber Resilience In Developing Economies - Fostering Safe Digital Transformation.

Topic We Cover

Beyond Cybersecurity

Reliability & Survivability

Cyber Governance

Mission-Preserving Cyber Defense Framework

Self-Healing Digital Immunity

Active Cyber Defense

Real-Time Cyber Visibility

Real-Time Threats Detection

Machine-Added Detection

Automated Hunting

Advanced Situational Awareness

Cyber-Threat Detection

Cyber Performance & Continuous Improvement



Financial Services





Who should attend?

Job Titles

CISOs, CIOs, Chief Manufacturing Officers, Chief Medical Officers & Heads of-

  • Cyber Resilience
  • Cyber & Operational Resilience
  • Technology & Data
  • Cyber Security
  • Threat Detection
  • Threat Hunting
  • Cyber Sec.Resilience
  • Cyber Security Service Audit
  • Cyber Resilience & External Affairs
  • Global Cyber Security Operations
  • Information Security
  • Anti-Cyber Fraud
  • Technology Risk Management
  • Information Risk
  • Governance and Resilience
  • Digital Risk Management
  • IT Risk Management
  • Threat Vulnerability
  • Cyber Platform Operations



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