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Virtual Summit

Future of Data Science and Machine Learning for Businesses


Date: 15th February, 2024
Time: 1100 Hours CET

Overview for Future of Data Science and Machine Learning for Businesses

Data science and machine learning are interlinked technology-based concepts that use data to create and innovate products, services, infrastructure systems, etc. Both are in-demand and high-paying career paths. The two are similarly related to each other. Data science is the all-encompassing rectangle, while machine learning is a square that is its entity. Both are frequently used in their work by data scientists and are rapidly being adopted by almost every industry. Data scientists help make data-driven business decisions that reduce the risk of failure. So, while making them an inevitable part of organizations and increasing the benefits of using data scientists, businesses can use historical pricing data and other data sets to determine how certain conditions affect the demand for goods and services that use machine learning and dynamically support their business by maximizing income.

For a long time now, machine learning has dominated data science, playing a vital role in data analysis and business intelligence. The future of data science is bright, and its prospects are enormous with increasing applications in a variety of fields. Data science, along with machine learning, will drive better and smarter business decisions.

To learn more about implementing predictive models and algorithms to standardize and digitize their processes and improve the efficiency of the existing methods, join the Future of Data Science and Machine Learning for Businesses, a virtual summit, which includes groundbreaking keynotes, case studies, and a tremendous selection of top industry speakers from around the world.

What to Expect?


Connect, listen and learn with our live digital sessions.

Panel Discussions

Conversations and deliberations that are contagious


Network Digitally with industry leaders across the globe

Virtual one to one

Effective one-on-one meetings are a powerful tool to connect and close the deals with your leads.

Summit Highlights

07+ Knowledge Sessions

The summit will consist of interesting web panel discussions, exclusive live fireside chats and engaging digital industry presentations. 

10+ Industry

Industry's thought leaders, decision-makers, and solution providers will gather virtually to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and technologies in the Artificial Intelligence Industry.


Congregation of industry's top-level executives and senior officials for knowledge sharing.

Discussion Points

Applications of Data Science and Machine Learning to Transform Real World Data.

Data Science and ML: Emerging Trends and Challenges.

Data Science & ML: Creating Business Value With Decision-Making.

Combining Human Intelligence with Machine Learning for NLP and Speech.

Topics We Cover

Human Language Technologies

Augmented Intelligence

Automatic Speech Recognition

Data Engineering

Decision Intelligence

Trusted NLP

Automated Machine

Cognitive Computing

Governance and Monitoring

Explainability and Transparency

Data Quality

Data Engineering


Financial Services








Who should attend?

Job Titles

CXO, VP, Director, Head, Manager & Specialist of -

  • Data Science
  • NLP
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning Ops
  • Big Data
  • Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • AI & Engineering
  • Decision Intelligence
  • Data Innovation
  • Real-Time Decision Intelligence
  • Augmented Intelligence
  • Data Engineering
  • Business Intelligence Platforms
  • Data Visualization Engineering
  • Cloud & Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering & Governance


Debin Qiu

Vice President, Applied AI/ML Lead
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Yingying Kang

Director of AI & Data Science

Thomas Packer

Lead Data Scientist, Online (Conversational AI, NLP, Search) at The Home Depot

Ken Hubbell

Former SVP , Senior Manager , L&D Strategy and Innovation at Wells Fargo

Shaun McGirr

RVP AI Strategy

Katherine Campbell

Chief Digital Officer
Assurance Financial

Monica Jain

Director, Research and Development Data Science at The Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Jean Perez

Director of Data & Analytics
Collinson – Valuedynamx

Priya Udeshi

Former Director of Peloton Interactive and an IT Strategic Leader, Technologist & Program/Portfolio Management Evangelist at Peloton Interactive

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