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Future of Digital Freight Forwarding


Date: 15th February 2022
Time - 1100 hrs ET/1500 hrs GMT


Overview of Future of Digital Freight Forwarding

On the one hand, as businesses in the logistics industry seek digitization to improve the efficiency of their operations, on the other hand, there are those who want to make life easier for those looking for logistics solutions. These are so-called digital freight forwarders, who use their own designed platform to instantly connect shippers and carriers, facilitating the connection between a carrier and a shipper.

Freight forwarding is being transformed by a slew of startups with a digital-first approach. Even conventional freight forwarders, who have been reluctant to change for years, are quickly adopting digital technologies to reap the benefits. Freight forwarding will become cheaper, faster, and more efficient as a result of this industry-wide digital change.

In the coming decade, we should see the introduction of digital freight platforms. By bringing together siloed processes and data from numerous stakeholders onto one single platform, digital portals will enable considerable efficiency improvements for freight forwarders. For freight forwarders, these portals will also give greater end-to-end insight, higher asset utilization, and a better match of supply and demand.

We should see most containers become digital in the next decade or two, thanks to significant developments in sensor technologies and IoT devices. It will be feasible to track and monitor IoT sensors in real-time if they are mounted and connected to the internet. These sensors will be able to capture freight temperature, humidity, shock, tilt, and pressure in near-real-time in addition to location. This information will aid in increasing efficiency, eliminating waste, and better planning.

To learn more about the implementation of these new technologies, and the benefits they provide to digital freight forwarding, join us as Group Futurista presents its “Future of Digital Freight Forwarding” webinar.

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Discussion Points

Is Digital Freight Forwarders the new future of logistics?

The shift from traditional to Digital in Freight Forwarding

Role of Digital Freight in today's Supply Chain Operations

What is digital freight forwarding - A metamorphosis or imaginary?

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