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TDR, XDR, and the Future of Security for Enterprises 2.0


Date: 18th January 2022
Time: 1100 hrs ET/1500 hrs GMT


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Recent security technologies haven’t lived up to their promises, but that’s beginning to change. Threat detection and response (TDR) is the most important aspect of cybersecurity for IT organizations that depend on cloud infrastructure. Without the ability to recognize network intruders or other malicious adversaries in a timely fashion, IT security analysts have no hope of responding effectively to security events and effectively mitigating damage.

XDR, or Extended Detection and Response, is emerging as a game-changer for enterprise threat detection and response. One of its most important benefits is that it provides faster, more accurate threat detection than traditional SOC solutions.

With a strong XDR solution, companies can regain the upper hand with the ability to detect, correlate and stop attacks in real-time, even across complex, ever-evolving enterprise environments. Unlike SIEM or log management tools, XDR promises an experience focused on security value – better detection, easier investigation, faster response.

In order to defeat an adversary that can weave between data silos and understands detection alerts, it requires an operation-centric approach. Implementing an XDR solution means faster detection, which means faster remediation, thereby ending attacks before they become breach events.

So as to understand better how TDR and XDR offer significant gains for security teams, Group Futurista is happy to present to you its “TDR, XDR, and the Future of Security” webinar.

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Discussion Points

How TDR and XDR offer significant gains for security teams

Why software-driven security is set to transform security operations

Deploying Endpoint threat detection technology for Investing threats.

Correlating data across multiple security layers through XDR (extended detection and response)

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Security Operations

Threat Detection

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Cyber Security

Cyber Attacks

Cyber Crime

Data Exfiltration

Data Security

Vulnerability Management


Multi Cloud Architecture




Energy & Power



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Job Titles

CXO, Director, VP, Head of:

  • Threat Detection & Incident Response
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Enterprise Vulnerability Management
  • Security Operations
  • Security Analytics
  • Threat Intelligence Engineering
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security
  • Product Security
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Cloud Security Architect
  • Digital Security
  • Threat Officer



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