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Virtual Summit

Future of Revenue Intelligence For Businesses


Date: 15th November 2021
Time: 1100 hrs ET/1500 hrs GMT


Overview for Future of Revenue Intelligence For Businesses

The digitalization of business and sales operations has been largely beneficial – but it has created pesky roadblocks that are difficult to overcome. Scattered and inaccessible data is perhaps the most prominent issue for any professional team, as it fosters a breeding ground for miscommunication and inconsistency across a business. Luckily, there’s a solution: revenue intelligence.

Revenue intelligence is an AI-driven technology that gathers and manages sales-driven data to increase revenue. This type of intelligence is used to develop a business platform that drives productivity and efficiency for the purpose of accelerating the sales process.

Perhaps one of the most unique properties of a revenue intelligence system is its ability to use Machine Learning (ML) to handle conversational AI. Conversational AI refers to the ability of intelligent technology to assess the direction and potential outcome of a conversation as it unfolds. Revenue intelligence systems can use conversational AI to streamline the lead-to-customer process, allowing employees to make the most of conversations with customers and, in turn, generate revenue.

Revenue intelligence shifts companies into high gear by connecting all parts of the business to behaviors and activities that directly increase revenue. By tying measurable KPIs to growth drivers and communicating those drivers to the departments responsible for them, savvy business leaders are able to align everyone in a company with shared goals; effectively breaking down the barriers and eliminating blind spots that normally exist between individual departments.

This is why Group Futurista is happy to present to you its “Future of Revenue Intelligence for Businesses” webinar with revolutionary case studies, keynotes, and a selection of industry-leading experts who will come together to discuss the need for revenue intelligence in further depth with their valuable insights on this matter.

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What to Expect?


Connect, listen and learn with our live digital sessions.

Panel Discussions

Conversations and deliberations that are contagious


Network Digitally with industry leaders across the globe

Virtual one to one

Effective one-on-one meetings are a powerful tool to connect and close the deals with your leads.

Summit Highlights

07+ Knowledge Sessions

The summit will consist of interesting web panel discussions, exclusive live fireside chats and engaging digital industry presentations. 

10+ Industry

Industry's thought leaders, decision-makers, and solution providers will gather virtually to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and technologies in the Artificial Intelligence Industry.


Congregation of industry's top-level executives and senior officials for knowledge sharing.

Discussion Points

Navigating the Future of Selling with Revenue Intelligence

Role of Revenue Intelligence in handling Conversation Intelligence

Optimizing revenue generation through application of advanced analytics

Learning Lab: Putting Revenue Intelligence to Work — Building Better sales Experiences & Boosting Close Rates

Topics We Cover

Revenue Intelligence System

Actionable Intelligence


Market Intelligence

People Intelligence

Deal Intelligence

Revenue Leakage

Revenue Optimization

AI driven Algorithms

Machine Learning

Risk identification

Variance Reporting

customer interactions

Predictive Analytics

Data-First Approach

High Conversions



Financial Services










Who should attend?

Job Titles

CXO, VP, Director, Head, Manager of -

  • Sales project
  • Financial Officer
  • Revenue Officer
  • Revenue Growth Management
  • Yield Management and Pricing
  • Revenue Science
  • Revenue Management
  • Revenue Marketing
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Revenue Operations
  • Commercial and Itinerary Planning
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Revenue and Solution Officer
  • Digital & Distribution
  • Methods and Processes
  • Inventory Management
  • Strategy & Sales
  • Demand Generation
  • Performance Marketing
  • Customer Officer
  • Marketing Officer
  • Growth Officer



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