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Epigenetics of Well-being – A mindfulness Experience Into Emotional Intelligence

“Born at Google, based on neuroscience” This relaxed yet refreshing session uses mindfulness and neuroscience to give insights to some of the essential & necessary emotional intelligence future skills. After …

Energy – The Key Points

Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform Snapshot

Personalized Medicine – What does the Future Hold?

Energy – The Means for a Better Future

Science and Technology

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Can AI reinvent airport excellence

Can AI reinvent airport excellence?

If flights regulate the heartbeat of an airport, management provides its soul. The motor of the next industrial revolution won’t be data, but trust. Almost everywhere management looks, they can …

Trust by Design

Artificial Neural Networks: Man vs Machine?


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Digitization of Client Onboarding

Digitization of Client Onboarding – Beginning Of Transformation

Client Onboarding is moving into a new space of life with digitization. According to a survey, more than 90% of people agree that digitization will change the landscape and economics …

Trust by Design

Pricing your investment in GDPR


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A Comprehensive Guide to Universal Digital Identity

AI Impact on Energy

Liquid Biopsy – Revolutionizing Cancer Care

Proteomics: Decoding functions

Energy – The Key Points