AI Impact on Energy

One of the most inconsistent, unstable and full of motion domain that we could ever witness is Technology. With thousands of updates, innovations and disrupting ideas transforming day in and day out this sector is creating hype more than ever.

One of its more hyped technologies that have been making a fair share of rounds in recent years is none other than artificial intelligence (AI).  AI Energy as a technology representative is challenging other technologies and innovations with its automated calibre in making things simpler and easier.

Even in some industries, it is certainly living up to it. For instance, AI powers the shared economy transport business models such as Uber, Ola along with digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.  

However, one of the other industries where the disruptions of AI can’t be neglected is the Energy Sector. AI is rapidly increasing the energy storage, value of wind and solar generation among other areas through machine learning techniques giving more value to one of the popular methods called Reinforcement Learning that’s been helpful in yielding impressive benefits in the Energy Sector.

As artificial intelligence technology advances, it won’t be long to see its disruptions in our everyday life. Driving a complete overhaul in the way we consume energy the impact of AI on the energy sector will be profound.

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