Energy – The Key Points

The Future of Energy

Energy is boundless, limitless and definitely ageless. But the means of generating energy seems to be dwindling day by day. We have already ventured into the 21st century, the years and days are going by, and so are our viable resources. We are largely dependent on fossil fuels and multiple other sources for the energy requirement, but it is not much. We do have renewable sources of energy at our disposal, but every one of them has its own set of constraints.

This is the reason Group Futurista is arranging the Grids of the Future Summit 2019, that focuses on multiple issues and solutions to this problem. A comprehensive layout and outlook on what the future of energy would look like if our essential resources got depleted in the worst-case scenarios. There needs to be a plan, there should be a concrete backup, and that is what the sole focal point in this Energy Summit.

The Key Points of the GOF Summit 2019

There are three key points of discussion which would be put on the table, and some of the vital keynote speakers would be addressing it. These points are listed out as follows,

  • Energy Trading

Energy Trading is a novel concept that would be discussed in this Summit. The core point of the issue is that energy is getting decreased rapidly, and we would have to depend on renewable energy for this. Also, it is something that many households would essentially benefit from it. Which is why the concept of blockchain would also be introduced in these energy transactions? Since time is of the absolute essence, the energy trading would be done swiftly through secure blockchain transactions thus saving time and a lot of unnecessary resources. This is something that is much unchartered and needs to be thought out meticulously to gain absolute success. But if this is successful, the results and possibilities for improvement would be multifarious.

  • Global Supply Network

The existing supply of energy and resources is very slow and it takes up a lot of time. Decentralization is the primary objective of achieving the maximum out of the Global Supply Network of energy. There are so many parties involved in between the suppliers and the consumers that it creates roadblocks, thus slowing down the process. Decentralization ensures that there is maximum transparency, and minimum slowdown generating efficient dividends to companies.

  • Optimizing the Assets

Technology is at the forefront in the 21st century now, and business houses need to adapt the same outlook in their process stages. Fresh new technologies like the Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are the keys to the future. As time is passing, business processes are becoming more intricate and complex. This is the reason that new technology needs to work and sync accordingly, therefore optimizing all of our available assets into one.

The Grids of the Future Summit conducted by Group Futurista is a Mega Event and the topics which would be discussed are diverse, varied and essential for everybody out there. The venue for this event in London, United Kingdom and would be conducted and documented in 21st – 22nd November 2019.

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