Europe is “nearly there” with fully digital onboarding for financial services

fully digital onboarding for financial services

The Rise Of Digital Onboarding For Financial Services In Europe

According to research, it has been stated that due to electronic ID schemes consumers in Europe are transforming their financial services digitally. It is making things easier and quicker, but the gaps are still there wide open which needs to be taken care of. The digital onboarding procedure has taken out a lot of burdens and made things easier for their consumers to indulge in financial activities with ease. Now the customers around the countries of Europe will be able to make their financial transactions online.

The eID schemes have taken onboard consumers with surprise as it has made things easier for them big time. They will be able to indulge in financial services sitting in their home without any kind of fuss. More than 65 percent of information is provided by the electronic ID schemes stating required by the financial institutions to give customers the right digital platform to make their financial transactions. There are three schemes which will help them with all the necessary details which can help them make proper use of digital transformation in financial services. With the help of these schemes, the rise in digital identities has been noticed. This is slowly transforming and the use of digital financial services is getting higher and higher!

Briefing About Digital Onboarding

Banks are also under huge pressure to enhance their profit margins and get the onboarding costs reduced. They also need to cope with the stated regulations and make it easier for customers to make the most of their digitized solutions. The customers are moving towards the digital platforms means that banks can get their number of branches to a minimum. This will help them get their profits higher and reduce their costing.

Although, financial institutions are literally ignoring an important point in the digital network! We are here talking about onboarding! More than 35% of customers have neglected a procedure of bank sign up. The reason behind this is that it is time consuming and takes additional efforts. Combination of this with the upcoming regulations of eIDAS means that the time has come to onboard 100 percent customers digitally. So, financial institutions need to work upon the required steps and get the right results. It will not enhance the digital product experience but also get the digital customer experience impeccable.

Digital Transformation In Financial Services

The market is getting very competitive these days and the pressure over financial institutions is getting higher to appeal more and more customers to the world of the digital platform. From attracting more to retaining them, the financial institutions need to work on the strategy so that this can be achieved and that too low costs. There is no doubt that that the digital transformation in Financial services is a big challenge but the old method has literally proved to be very annoying. When it comes to digital platform, there is a huge scope for everyone to enhance efficiencies and also ease KYC compliances. The only complicated task is to build those identities. For that financial institutions require to develop interoperability amid locations in a European landscape which is fragmented.


From combining the different identity sources information to preparing a validated and complete digital identity, everything brings the strength of transformation. There are digital identity service providers who can assist you with this and help connections to facilitate with the right schemes. There is no doubt that Financial institutions will gain a position of being a step ahead in the race of conquering the world of digital onboarding.

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