Personalized Medicine – What does the Future Hold?

What is Personalized Medicine?

There are multiple synonyms for the term personalized medicine. It is referred to as precision medicine or theranostics, but it simply refers to customized medical treatment given to the patients as per their independent attributes. Personalized Healthcare is a complicated study and its theories do not generate overnight, it takes years and years of research to completely comprehend the feature sets of every individual.

Highlights of the Event

Group Futurista, an Estonia based events company is bringing this issue into the public limelight in the form of a summit being held in Munich, Germany. The event essentially highlights the future of this domain with respect to Oncology. Since cancer treatments require a more personal touch to be given, which is why Precision Medicine needs to be the primary factor that needs to be considered.

There are widespread researches going on with the basic factor of introducing Personalized Healthcare in every healthcare facility. The focus is that this method will result in positive genetic changes in cancer afflicted to each person. The future of healthcare is focused on the success of this research and this will result in a major breakthrough if results are positive.

  1. Genome Sequencing Methods (NGS)

Multiple studies are underway wherein the carcinogenic tumors are being tested with respect to the genetic changes caused to them. The event will also be focusing on the DNA Sequencing technology which is touted to be the next best thing. The event in Germany would also be about massive parallel sequencing methods which would completely revolutionize the face of genomic research. Using this technique, the sequencing of a human genome can be completed in 24 hours itself which otherwise took about 13 years or so.  Cancer Genomics sequencing techniques are especially tough, but the possibilities are endless.

  1. Role of Big Data and the entry of Smart Data

Big Data has always been at the forefront of the Information Technology Sector, and now it is amalgamating in the Precision Medicine domain as well. The concepts of data analysis and data science have now transformed and fresh methods are on the works to improve the quality of collecting data, processing, cleaning, and thereby interpreting them for medical researching teams.

The healthcare sector takes note of clinical data, user-generated information, and so many other things which brings up the concept of smart data. Smart Data is what comes after the findings from Big Data are sampled and analyzed. It is then used for peculiar areas in the industry and that might prove helpful to the medical sector as well. The event would also showcase the nuances of it.

  1. Microeconomics

Capital is essentially the major issue when it comes to achieving the goal of precision medicine. The goal needs to be met if the researches need to be continued for the same. It is true enough that Personalized Medicine will solve many of the problems, but then the financial factor needs to be kept into consideration as well.

The event is a one-of-a-kind extravaganza that is set to dazzle the viewers with incredible keynote speeches from speakers of renown. Group Futurista will be conducting this event from the 14th – 15th November 2019 and you can register for the same now itself. For more details visit

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