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Future of Digital Onboarding and Customer Experience Summit 2019.

London – April - 11th & 12th 2019)

The age of the Fintech is here and the customer’s journey in this new era is changing at a rapid pace. The world is now moving towards digitalization which is now transforming the nature of businesses. The modern technologies have improved our lives and altered the way in which we function, making our lives smoother and effortless.


The Future of Batteries Summit 2019

(Paris – May 2019)

A conference bringing together the most innovative minds who are working on state of the art energy storing technologies. Keynotes on the corresponding development in consumer apliances, automotive, military, medical and industrial applications, to be delivered by leading experts from the world's biggest Companies, Startups, Research Institutes and Government Organisations.


Future of Personalised Medicine and Genome Editing Summit 2019

(San Francisco – October 2019)

In the post-genomic era when the genetic code is being altered through all possible means, the fields of biomedicine is coming in confluence with innovations in information technology to bring together discoveries in therapeutics, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and informatics. In this age, where data driven solutions are being used in medical innovation, we are seeing a rise in demand for precision medicine from patients.


Future of Algorithmic Trading Summit 2019

(California – November 2019)

A 2-day event that will be a unique blend of experts from the industry, academia and government organisations, enabling the delegates to enhance their trading strategies by networking and collaborating with 100 like-minded delegates accross the globe.


Clinical Wearables Summit

(Amsterdam - May 2019)

As computers are getting smaller and faster, and processors are getting cheaper, wearable technology is on its way. Merging fashion and tech, art and aesthetics, clinical wearables are going to change how people use technology on day to day basis. Join us in a 2-day event with company heads, vendors, and researchers who will engage in discussions over practical assets of new technology that one can wear over and under their daily wear.


Future of Data Protection 2019

(Munich – August 2019)

The 2nd edition of the Post GDPR/The Future of Data Protection Summit would be a 2-day, networking focused event. Apart from helping businesses be better with GDPR and other tech regulations to be enforced, we’ll be providing a platform to discuss the impact of GDPR on the market and the industry.

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